Roulette Online in Canada – Brief Review

How to Play Roulette? A Comprehensive Walkthrough

Table of Contents:

  1. When and how was roulette invented?
  2. Reviewing the game’s mechanics
  3. Roulette for skillful players. Is the game as random as it seems?
  4. Using a scientific approach to increase your chances of winning 
  5. Frequently asked questions
  6. How Does Roulette Work and How Was It Invented?

To discover an answer to “how does roulette work?”, one needs to return to early 18th century Europe. Roulette was a popular game of the French nobility at that time. It was introduced by an unknown inventor, but some sources state that the roulette wheel appeared as an outcome of Blaise Pascal’s experiments, so its mechanism may be older than 350 years. 

The answer to “how to play roulette?” hasn’t changed much since the early 19th century. The only notable change in roulette rules was a split between American and French variants of the game. The first roulette wheel ever made had 2 zeros and was later adopted in the United States. The European wheel, however, was heavily influenced by the Blanc family, which introduced a single zero layout in 1843. If you asked any 19th-century European gambler “how many numbers on a roulette wheel are there?”, they would inevitably answer “37!”

Curious How to Win Roulette? Start With Learning the Main Rules!

So, how do you play roulette? Before the beginning of each round and within some time after the wheel has been launched, players must make their bets. There are 2 main categories of wagers – inside and outside ones, with many betting opportunities in each. The inside bets are mainly numbers while the outside ones involve larger groups of outcomes like colors, dozens, or odd/even numbers. Any “roulette, how to play and how to win it” search would tell you that payouts depend on the probability of a chosen outcome. 

Mind that roulette involves gambling against the house, so players are not competing with each other as they would do in poker. Betting is allowed even while the wheel is spinning. To understand how to win in roulette, one needs to know the probabilities of seeing a certain number as a result of a wheel spin. They are summarized in the table below:

Any single number2.63%
Any dozen31.58%
Two numbers5.26%

How to Win at Roulette? Advanced Strategies for Experienced Players 

Roulette is a game of chance, so the outcome of each round is completely random. Neither the dealer nor the players cannot influence the wheel or somehow predict into which pocket the ball would fall. And yet, there may be some tips on how to beat roulette. 

Roulette Gaming View in Canada

You may not influence casino’s equipment or touch the mechanisms, but you can bet in any way you consider optimal. Therefore, you can make use of already established and widely utilized betting strategies. 

First of all, there is, of course, the Martingale method, which is widely utilized by gamblers all over the world. Although doubling up your bet every time you lose doesn’t answer how to win at roulette every time, it still provides you with an 80-90% likability of securing your funds in the long run. However, the Martingale method has a significant drawback – it may lead you to a complete financial disaster in case of a long sequence of unsuccessful bets. 

How to Win in Roulette? Statistics and Mathematics at Players’ Disposal 

To know how to win roulette rounds consequently, one should review more strategies than just the Martingale method. Take the Labouchère system – it can secure your winning but doesn’t include Martingale’s destructive double-up bets. If you are about to utilize the Labouchère method, prepare for the constant complicated analysis of your bets, but the results can be outstanding as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to win at roulette?

Prior to approaching the table, make sure that you have a developed strategy and know the main rules and mechanics of the game. Keep in mind that roulette, in the long run, is always profitable for a casino. 

How to play shot roulette?

Shot roulette is a drinking game, which involves using a roulette-like wheel to choose who will drink a shot. Special sets for playing shot roulette can be purchased from multiple websites.

How to play roulette and win?

Roulette is highly dependent on luck, so there are few to no ways you can influence the outcome of a round. Keep in mind that somehow interacting with the casino’s equipment in an attempt to influence the game is strictly prohibited and may result in legal consequences. 

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