Bingo Online in Canada – Brief Review

How to Make Bingo Cards? A Comprehensive Guide to Bingo

Table of Contents:

  1. Historical background of bingo
  2. Rules that regulate bingo’s gameplay
  3. Examining your chances of winning bingo in detail
  4. Ever wanted to design customized bingo cards? Feel welcome than!
  5. Frequently asked questions
  6. Curious When Was Bingo Invented? Let’s Find Out!

Although the answer to “when was bingo invented?” is rather obscure, historians are quite sure that its ancestor, Lotto d’Italia, emerged in Italy somewhat around the late Middle Ages – early Renaissance. The first reference to the lottery dates back to 1530. Since those times and up to the 1920s, there were no notable steps in the evolution of bingo’s gameplay. 

Things changed drastically in the early 20th century. “Who invented bingo in its modern form?”, you might ask. Hugh J. Ward was the one to introduce bingo in multiple open-air festivals around Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. He also was the first person ever to issue a book of bingo rules and receive a copyright on the game.

At the beginning of the 20th century, it was rather complicated to answer where to buy bingo cards, as there was no established network of ticket sellers. The issue was resolved by Edwin Lowe, a toy manufacturer from New York. Lowe was visiting a carnival in Atlanta in December 1929, where he noticed a group of locals playing Ward’s game. Edwin liked the game and introduced it to his friends who were excited to play it as well. Shortly afterward, Lowe figured out how to make bingo cards and how to sell them with most profit. His system, which included selling 12 tickets for 1 dollar and 24 for 2 dollars, was soon adopted all over the United States.

How to Play Bingo? Exploring the Main Rules of the Game

Bingo is a gambling activity, so you must be over 18 years of age to participate. Learning how to play bingo lottery is quite simple – you just need to purchase a bingo card (or multiple cards, if you want to increase your chances of winning) and wait for a caller to announce the winning numbers. If your card contains similar numbers, you are expected to cross them out and call “Bingo!” to announce that you have won. 

The above-mentioned process describes how to play bingo game in general, but bingo exists in multiple variations in different countries. As an example, take electronic bingo, which has emerged in recent years. As evident from the name, it doesn’t involve purchasing any tickets and crossing out numbers, and, of course, you don’t need to call “Bingo”, as the whole game runs on a bingo machine. 

Bingo Gaming View in Canada

Curious how does bingo work in different countries? It depends on local traditions and regulations, but the general gameplay commonly remains similar. Take this comparison of British and American bingo as an example:

90 numbers printed on 6 tickets75 numbers printed on 5 tickets
3 rows and 9 columns on each ticket5×5 layout, with a central tile on each ticket left empty
Popular in Britain, India, and New ZealandCommonly found in the US and Quebec

As evident from the table, the answer to how to play bingo varies from one country to another. 

How Does Bingo Work From a Scientific Perspective? 

Bingo is a game of luck, so none of your skills in gambling that you may have utilized in other games are applicable to it. Predicting winning numbers in bingo is impossible, and game holders are doing their best to keep the game’s results random. Therefore, there is no answer to how to win at bingo every time.

There is, however, a strategy you may apply. To have access to all the numbers in the game, you need to buy a comprehensive set of bingo cards, that is, all tickets containing numbers from 1 through the maximum (depends on the type of bingo you are playing) should be at your disposal. This is possibly the only answer to how to win bingo.  

How to Make a Bingo Game? Designing and Manufacturing Your Personal Bingo Cards

If you are tired of standard games and search for great entertainment for a company of friends, bingo may be the best choice to make! This game is very simple, doesn’t involve much equipment and special knowledge. The web is full of instructions on how to make a bingo game, so you can find lots of pre-made cards or design your own on one of the dedicated websites. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy bingo bags?

There are plenty of offers on the web, with their prices ranging from very affordable to unreasonably high. In addition, you can search for bingo bags in a local bingo club or casino if your area has one. 

How many numbers in bingo are there?

Depending on the version of bingo, there may be different layouts, design of tickets, and numbers on each card. You would need to check how many numbers a particular lottery have before playing. 

Where can I get free Bingo Blitz credits?

They are sufficiently supplied by various websites where you can find some free credits daily or as bonuses for inviting your friends to join.

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